Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One year and counting....

Nice to know I'm timely on these blog things. I did blog a couple of times on our Cupcake Cure blog. I just don't have to goods to make it look pretty or have a nice tune playing in the background. But the harrassment I am receiving has now prompted me to write my once a year blog.

We had a great week with our friends and family. Kimmie and our friend "Baby" (that's what Nat calls him) or Wyatt came up for Tessie's b-day. Then Auntie Mary came down. I love being around the people I love. Some here and some there. They all enrich our lives in some capacity.

We have done our fifth cupcake and I must say it is the greatest diversion going. Some good cooking and a way to forget about the "carp" going on around us. I like how each cupcake goes to different people. Hopefully they brighten their day in one form or another.

Maybe I will be more timely on this thing. But, I'm not, check back next year and see what's going on with me!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Last Chance Tastefull Simple Fall/Winter Line

This is just a quick reminder to those of you who order Tastefully Simple from me. The last day to order any of the oh so yummy Fall/Winter product is this coming Friday! You can either get a hold of me or use the Tastefully Simple website and order under my consultant number. I'll get a hold of everyone as far as a "Tasting Party" for the Spring/Summer line soon! If you go to National Scrapbook Day at Lashell's you'll get to taste some of the goodies there!

I have to say, I was much more exprimental with the last line as I have ever been. If you have any great ideas on how you used the product, share it with us!

I promise, I will try to write something much more fun later in the week. Time is in short supply these days! Sorry, Kimmy!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I can't believe I am really doing this. When do I have time to have a "blog"? My friend Kari feels this is something I should partake it. Really? I could be watching TV. On a Saturday afternoon at 3:00 there is some good stuff on Food Network or HGTV. I could luck out and get last night's re-run of What Not To Wear. But I will go with it.

I've been fighting with my Bah Humbug attitude since Thanksgiving.

There are no lights on my house. My dear husband had plans of getting them up, but on that fateful Monday afternoon, Norm got hit in the mouth with a golf ball. Eight stitches and some bad weather later, no illumination.

No Christmas tree in my living room. We are having the age old dilema of real of artificial? Thankfully for VeVe she has made my decision, at least for this year. She is letting me borrow her little 6.5' tree. Granted, I have vaulted ceilings, but I'm too cheap to buy one before the "After Christmas" sales.

No baking has been done. With birthday parties, swim lessons, work and life in general not a goodie to be found. I guess that will help my diet!

I didn't even go to any of the Christmas festivities. No Santa visits. No Festival of Trees. No lighting of any city's trees.

I did get the Christmas cards out in record time. Right after Thanksgiving. Thanks to Jolyn and her speedy reprints. Lucky she had a picture of Tess from a previous sitting because we could not even coordinate the family picture. Sorry Holley boys, it's just Tess this year.

I will get out of my funk. It usually starts to turn around when I can spend time with my great friends. They all add so much to my life and in all different ways. I am a lucky girl!