Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One year and counting....

Nice to know I'm timely on these blog things. I did blog a couple of times on our Cupcake Cure blog. I just don't have to goods to make it look pretty or have a nice tune playing in the background. But the harrassment I am receiving has now prompted me to write my once a year blog.

We had a great week with our friends and family. Kimmie and our friend "Baby" (that's what Nat calls him) or Wyatt came up for Tessie's b-day. Then Auntie Mary came down. I love being around the people I love. Some here and some there. They all enrich our lives in some capacity.

We have done our fifth cupcake and I must say it is the greatest diversion going. Some good cooking and a way to forget about the "carp" going on around us. I like how each cupcake goes to different people. Hopefully they brighten their day in one form or another.

Maybe I will be more timely on this thing. But, I'm not, check back next year and see what's going on with me!

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Kari said...

Maybe we need to post some body shots!!! If you know what I mean, now that Nic has ousted you on FB! Love you girl!